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from drafting board to installation

addressing a high maintenance problem with a low maintenance solution

Specializing in space planning, design & decor


​After careful assessment of existing conditions and detailed interviews with our clients, we review your expressed desires and using our expertise in interior design principles, meet your needs.  We provide schematics as well as rendered drawings of the spaces under consideration to illustrate how your newly designed home will look.  We offer purchasing services from “to the trade only” resources to acquire the most suitable furnishings for your space from outlets unavailable to the general public.  We can provide custom furnishings or customized pieces to accommodate the design concept at work all in an effort to offer you a truly unique space that exceeds your expectations.

These images as well as others throughout the website are not intended for reproduction nor are they construction drawings.  They are offered as illustrations of two aspects of the interior design process:  firstly, how an idea goes from concept to completion; and, secondly, to suggest the value of custom design.

I know that for many, the notion of custom work sounds daunting and necessarily beyond your budget.  Not necessarily so.  

But, I assure you, the cobbling together of something from the store that you're sure will work for now will not satisfy your needs.  Custom interior design solutions are created to solve your particular design problem.  They respond to a need that, once satisfied properly, will never have to clutter your mind again.  The correct solution, done once, puts the problem to rest once and for all.  In the end, this just might save you time, energy AND money.  Just sayin’…

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Remodeling and Home Design

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