Cell phones and remotes and devices of all kinds seem to be strewn everywhere and you can’t remember where you left your keys for the morning.  You can’t find your slippers.  There’s not enough storage and nothing seems easy to find. Everything is out of order, if there ever even was order, and this leaves you feeling out of sorts.


The lighting casts those lit arches like haloes or scallops against the wall hangings and it looks stupid.



You'd like to take a shower but you wonder why you ever chose those 1 inch by 1 inch tiles for the shower walls where there’s so much dirty grout and mildew that you fear rubbing up against them.  No matter whatvyou do, what products you use, you simply cannot get the grout seams to look clean.  And when you open the medicine cabinet everything falls out because it’s overstuffed and items stand precariously balanced. 

                                                                   DID YOU EVER CONSIDER HIRING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER?

Maybe it's time.  What does an interior design firm do?  Resolve all this and more.  Bring your home back to life and get you and your home to live harmoniously together.  We are not just about throw pillows and wall colors (though these things are essential components to the success of an overall design concept) but see the big picture and where residential interior design concepts can provide you with an coherent vision and experience of home.

The house is drab.  The wall colors are tired.  And that paint color you recently chose to perk things up just doesn’t look right—not like it looked in the store.

The clean clothes are still in the dryer because you hate folding them and putting them away because the closet is a disaster.  So your washer is your hamper and your dryer is your closet where you shift around all the dry but crumpled clothes to find that one thing you’d like to wear.  Wrinkles, shminkles.  It’s too much 

And you love to cook but hate cooking, that is, in order to cook you have to empty the dishwasher but you hate doing that because it's too low and hurts your back.  

You begin to realize all your living room furniture sags.  It’s hard to get out of, and all you have is that recessed overhead lighting that makes your ceiling look like swiss cheese and doesn't even provide the proper lighting for, say, reading.  No matter what you do, your head casts a shadow on the book.

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You’d love to do something about some or all of this.  Make some improvements, realize some fantasy of creating a nice, orderly, vital yet relaxing environment that nourishes you instead of continuing to live in one that reinforces a sense of chaos and dreariness. You want to do something that allows you to relax at home and not have it serve as a constant reminder of chores yet undone.  But where to begin?  It’s all so overwhelming and expensive and time consuming.

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Remodeling and Home Design

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home improvement ideas

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