Remodeling and Home Design

...where the environment was enlivened by proper lighting, color, finish & material choices...


Imagine if your home design decisions were driven by  space planning & design solutions that provide maximum storage potential...


Photo: Mike Ritter

​​Photo: Mike Ritter

Remodeling and Home Design

Specializing in space planning, design & decor

donna penn interiors  is a small design and decorating firm that believes everyone is entitled to good design. We approach each project with a commitment to providing you with a interior design ideas that satisfies your aesthetic, storage, and ergonomic needs. Possessing intimate knowledge of the storage challenges typical of apartment living, we maximize spatial solutions for your comfort and ease of use. Utilizing the principles of universal design where applicable, we make your home a place that works for you rather than you having to accommodate to it. Through extensive client interviews and a working knowledge of residential interior design solutions, our aim is to make your home a pleasing and safe environment.  interior design ideas


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Photo: Andy McLaughlin

Contemporary interior Design

...thereby achieving comfort, low maintenance, ease of use, a timeless aesthetic, orderliness....&... a really cool home.